This week we created a short film featuring Ventura locals Deena Pace and her daughter Luella(Lulu).

Deena works as a delivery Nurse. We refer to her as being “Betty Strong” for a number of reasons. One of which, being that in spite of having a metal rod in her back to correct a severe scoliosis condition, she taught herself to surf, so she could go out with Lulu.

At age 11, Luella is one of the youngest surfers on Team Betty. Our founder Donna has been enjoying seeing her in the water, watching her grow her surfing skills at their local Ventura break, C-street (Surfers Point).

“I wanted to capture the feeling of those magical moments and memories in everyday surf sessions with the ones you love. I enjoy seeing these two in the water when I paddle out and watching them both improve their skills has been very gratifying. I’ve seen them stoked to paddle out even when conditions weren’t great, just for the joy of spending time in the ocean together.

I design jewelry for Ocean Lovers, people like this.

This exemplifies connecting people to the Ocean, which is what my brand is all about.” – Donna von Hoesslin Pu’u

The four-minute long film was shot at Solimar here in Ventura, a short distance from the Betty Belts shop in Ventura.

It gives some screen time to some of the Oceanlovers® Collection, which is a design line featuring hand made, sterling silver, ocean-themed jewelry designed by Donna.