Although they’re amazing on their own, layering your Betty necklaces is a super sweet way to get many looks with just a few pieces. One thing to remember though, is there could be a snag in this style operation (pun intended!)

Here’s a few easy peasy tips on how to rock layers without ending up in a hot necklace mess:
  • Remove sterling chains & clasped cords when:
    • Sleeping
    • Cleaning
    • Using chemicals, esp. hydrogen peroxide and bleach
    • Dipping into a chlorinated pool or hot tub
    • Applying makeup & body products
    • Exercising to keep them away from perspiration & potential acidity

Neglecting to do so could expose your Betty necklaces to situations that could end up in a bummer like…

  • Tangled, snagged & broken chains/cords. This can be obviously annoying. But more than that, a bad tangle can damage or break both your necklace, and your hair! This can especially happen when you sleep or exercise in more than one necklace to get that sweet layered look. But it isn’t so sweet when you wake up, or finish a workout with a gnarly knot of chain, cord & hair.
  • Quickly tarnished chain or clasp. This is nothing more than a minor nuisance, but instead of wrecking them from damaging wear– simply store your necklaces hanging in a dedicated jewelry box, or any safe place away from open air and moisture to keep them bright & shiny.

Not sleeping in your necklaces, but still getting snags? This can happen to some of us depending on chain size & thickness or texture of hair…

Here’s a home remedy: Rub a little melted candle wax on the clasp to prevent tangles.

While Betty jewelry can withstand the wear & tear of babes who work hard & play harder, as you can see, it’s super easy to keep them in sweet shape so you can enjoy your treasures for years to come. Learn more on How to Love your Betty Silver.