The novelty of forms, shapes and styles that one finds in a foreign land will never cease to fascinate the traveler. Equality delightful is the discovery of new people, and the energy and beauty they have to share with us from that day forward.

For Donna, a combination of both experiences inspired the newest Upcycled Surfite jewelry in the Betty Collection, the Chihiro Tokyo Designs.

Chihiro Tokyo Choker Necklace

Catch bright light & colors from every angle with this little surfite spin on the architecture in Tokyo Donna admired on her adventures in Japan, as you’ll notice they resemble tiny high rise buildings.

Chihiro wearing her namesake design in a choker & threader earrings

Chihiro is named after a local Ventura surfer & friend of Donna’s who “I met surfing at the Point a while back. Her style and enthusiasm are inspiring to me. I’ve watched her steadily grows her surfing skills since the day we met. She is dedicated to the sport like few people I’ve met . She reminds me of myself when I moved back to California from Berlin, after discovering the sport and realizing I needed to make it a lifestyle … the design combines the inspiration from the city with the love of the ocean.”

Chihiro Threader Earrings catching sunlight