A Betty favorite, the Bee’s Sunrise Ring is a symbol for inspiration & full potential. Be reminded every day that with each dawn comes limitless possibility.

Start your Year with Inspirational Style

ONLY $18
(reg. price $24)
Betty special through January

Stacking with the Sunrise couldn’t be more easy & fun. She’s the perfect topper to any of your other Betty Rings. Check out stacking inspo on the Betty Instagram.

Meet Bernadette, the “Bee” behind the design. She’s also our creatrix working on the Betty website & so much more. She’s a mama to beautiful baby Sage, who is growing so fast. Each visit to HQ is a new joyful reunion!

We were absolutely delighted on our recent photo shoot with her out front at HQ, when a Bee buzzed in to the frame (look closely to see her!). It was one of those magical moments were super grateful for. ?