You can’t find a Babe with more stoke than our May Betty of the Month, “Surfer Susie” Terry. A soul surfer to the core, we absolutely adore this rad water Mama.

We had a fun chat to get the latest on her days. Here’s some highlights from her seriously cool life story… 

“Since I’m retired & not a professional surfer my goals are pretty simple…. Stay healthy & keep surfin’! I spent 30 plus years in the Fitness Industry, what a fantastic career, it’s definitely paid off, ha!.. Exercise is an everyday thang for me & the words ‘self motivated’ has my pic beside it. I have my limitations but I can live with that.  

I got into SURFING as a result of my Aunt taking me to see the original “GIDGET” movie. I was mesmerized & inspired. I had been swimming since my Dad threw me in a pool at the age of 6 months old, spent years training & swimming on a Saticoy swim team so water was IN MY BLOOD, apparently!

Told my Mom & Dad I wanted to be a Surfer & they said OF COURSE. Gosh growing up in the the 1950’s – 1960’s was the coolest! I was one of 3 girls surfing in those days in & around Ventura. All the other girls were so jealous cuz I knew all the boys! I loved it! In my Senior year in high school I surfed everyday either before 1st period or right after school. It was just one of those I GOTTA DO THIS moments I determined myself to do. Self motivated I told you, ha! My fave board was my custom 10’2” Dewey Weber my Dad drove me to buy, right before my 16th bday. OH GOSH WISH I HAD THAT BOARD TODAY! “
Fast forward to these days…
After seeing a sea glass ring on another amazing Betty friend in the Ventura neighborhood, I said,” I GOTTA HAVE ME ONE OF THOSE!”… the very NEXT DAY I WENT SHOPPIN’ in search of this Betty Belts store & bought my own SEA GLASS RING! The rest is HISTORY!” 
It’s our honor to celebrate this legendary OG Ventura surfer chick. You rock Susie! We love you! 

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Surfer Susie’s Betty Faves

Betty Sea glass & waves are Susie’s jam. Fun fact! The Courtney Dots Ring is named after Susie’s granddaughter, Courtney! Who we adore. Click the pic to shop this rad Susie style stack.

A classic Betty Circle Wave & Mermaid Tear combo is a forever Susie fave.