An artist knows an artist when she meets one. That’s what I saw in Riyah the day she wandered into the Betty Shop back in 2018. We hit it off. That day she shared she’d revived her lifelong passion; nails, nail art & creating custom colors.

She told me she’d set her art on the back burner for the better part of a decade to do more “sensible work” in healthcare. That work included servicing our local senior community in retirement homes on every level– from meals, personal caregiving & housekeeping, to management & administration. 

I could relate. I did the same “sensible” thing back in Berlin as a translator. 

She’s represented Betty ever since that day we met. First as a customer, then as an influencer in the nail art community. You Bettys know I love a good mani! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the green light for our nail friends to open their doors again. In fact, the last mani I got pre-covid was inspired by a dreamy green Frenchie that Riyah designed (scroll for pix)

Donna + Riyah at Betty’s 17th Birthday Party in 2019

I know this now, if I continued to suppress the artist in me, I never would have founded the Betty company… 

Well, this beautiful & truly talented woman is an artist at heart with serious potential to do the same. She started a GoFundMe page late last year to raise funds to complete a nail tech certification program, get a license & start making a living from her art… then covid happened & that took the backseat to, well, everything.  

Riyah Martin. Follow her art @riysnails_

She does AMAZING work, but needs to get licensed to start professionally. Her dream is to eventually start a business & create her own brand. I want to help bring Riyah’s dream to life. 

Riyah +A-Frame + Cayden Rings

Betty + Riyah = Epicness …From left: Tay Ring / Classic Sea Glass Ring / Twist Sea Glass Ring / Peak Sea Glass Ring

Riyah’s inspiring green Frenchie design

I recently found out that her GoFundMe goal hasn’t been met. We want to help her reach it & take her one step closer to her dream… 

Starting today, Betty is donating 15% of online sales to Riyah’s GoFundMe page until we reach her total goal of $5,000.

$2,865 is the current amount raised is the current amount. 

We can do this Betty Family! What we’ve done & will always continue to do, is support our community in ways that make an impact not just during times of upheaval or crisis, but for but for a lifetime…   

It’s our way of creating opportunity where it might not otherwise exist, rally for lasting equality & invest in the dreams of those who deserve to be championed for their hard work & validated for their vision.

By doing this over & over & over again, like breathing– Betty forever stands in solidarity with our global human family fighting for a more peaceful world, hoping to realize this potential in every corner that we can touch. 

Let’s support this Sister Betty & her art… her purpose. Let’s make dreams reality, together.