Despite the ups & downs of 2020, our December Betty, Malia Ilagan is slaying her studies, keeping it fun & even adding flair to her surf game. Read on for the latest on her stoked days…

My favorite recent surf adventure was getting to surf a new spot that I haven’t been to before with some of my close friends…

“At the moment, I’m really into a refreshing ocean swim

…My goals for the rest of 2020 are to expand my surfing repertoire and add a little more flair to my surfing. Something that gets me super stoked is being in the lineup with with my closest friends and just having a good time.”

Get those good times girrrl! The Betty Tribe will be right beside you all the way. Follow her fun at @maliailagan

Malia Style Inspo

Inspired by island sunshine vibes, which Malia beams %100 all day every day.

 Our fresh Mals (Malia’s Nickname) Bracelet for a pop of extra pearl shimmer.

 The Malia Shell Choker— a fave for island vibes, even in Winter.