Preserving, protecting, and restoring our waters are tasks for many lifetimes, and sometimes the effort can seem overwhelming. But as long as we stay connected with all of the many, many blessings that water provides, and continue to keep that love in the forefront of our minds and hearts, as long as we remind ourselves to hope, then our stories will help connect others to water and encourage them to do what they can to help care for this beautiful Blue Marble world.” – Wallce J. Nichols


For the Betty Family, celebrating Earth Month in April, doesn’t mean “Going Green”, it means always “Beginning (and staying) Blue”…well, cool– but what does that mean?  Let’s dive deeper…

What we all know by now, is that the health of our  precious Ocean, and all wild water on our planet– is severely threatened. To truly honor our whole Earth, we must not only make wholehearted efforts to restore the degrading & polluted lands we live upon, but truly revalue & cherish the sole element that allows the Earth (and us) to exist as we know it; Water.

In an ongoing, dedicated effort to support this mission, we at Betty Belts humbly contribute proceeds both annually & seasonally to a cause organization doing critically important (and very hard) work for community of true Ocean Lovers.

This Spring season we will donate 10% of sales made in April, through the Betty biz (both in-store & online), to the Blue Mind Patreon, organized by blue movement-maker Dr. Wallace “J.” Nichols— both a dear brother in the Betty Tribe & highly respected scientist & wild water advocate for the preservation & reverence for our Blue Planet.

He is the author of Blue Mind; a ground-breaking book which “connects the dots: neuroscience and psychology, nature and conservation, art and science, poetry and practice in profoundly important new ways. The result is an emerging, exciting, fast-growing new field we call Neuroconservation.”

Join us to support the work of this pioneering mentor & researcher– dedicating his life to share & teach the world that when we connect deeply with the healing power of Water & intentionally integrate it into our everyday lives, we benefit greatly in mind, body & soul– & so we become better stewards of the Ocean & all the wild Water systems that need our love & respect in return, to bring nature back into a healthier more sustainable balance for all Water, humanity & all Earth’s creations.⁠

With our whole hearts are we ever grateful for the contributions you’ll make through your Betty buys in-shop & at, but also please consider donating directly. Every cent we can offer over time counts tremendously towards this much needed cause that will support the health & well-being for generations to come.

So thank you. Thank you so very, very much for your continued support and participation in giving the Ocean, and all of her miraculous gifts, the imperative care & true respect it deserves.

With deep blue gratitude,

Donna & Team Betty