Bettys don’t fit in a box, run with the crowd, or follow beaten paths. And our July Betty,  Lauren Vu, shows us just that. She’s a longtime member on the Betty board of advisors– and  from the sea, to the slopes, to the sky, to spearheading a global corporate team at Spotify, Lauren is slaying what it means to be a #bettyboss.

We we’re beyond stoked to catch up with her, this is what she shared…

“I recently traded in my flip flops this past winter for ski and snowboard boots!  I’m an ocean lover turned mountain mama who spent this past winter in Wydaho to chase “the white stuff”, and boy did the Tetons deliver!  

Now that I’m in my 30s, I seem to favor winters over summers, and mountains over beaches.  I love snowboarding and skiing because I feel the same stoke riding mountains as I do catching waves in the water…. I’ve snowboarded most of my life, and after 20 years of being on a board in the mountains, I picked up skiing! I think I’ll still ride my board on powder days, but on days I want to go REALLY fast, I’ll be skiing on the slopes.

I’m really into flying! Not just traveling by plane, I mean, FLYING a plane myself! I’m a student pilot getting really close to earning a PPL in a high performance single-engine plane.  My favorite memory so far is definitely the time I flew by a bald eagle in flight!  I couldn’t believe how close it got to our plane. It was a magical moment!

“My goals in 2021?  Earning my pilots license by the end of the year is top of my list. And, sharing my passion and love for the outdoors, whether it be in the ocean or on the mountain. I have a good friend whom I’ve taught to surf on the beaches of New York and taught to snowboard the biggest mountains in America!  I get stoked seeing the stoke on other people’s faces. There’s nothing like sharing your love and joy for the great outdoors with other people!

Lauren, your bold & beautiful life is an inspiration to the Betty Tribe. We’re stoked to have such a bada$$ babe in our Ocean Ohana. Keep showing us that the sky is (literally) the limit– whether it’s from the world of big corporate biz, or from the captain’s chair of an airplane. So much love to you sister! Xo

Follow her adventures at @theviewalavu & @bettybelts⁠