What exactly IS Custom Betty Jewelry?

Put simply, it’s Betty jewelry made with your very own sea glass. This special service is for local & long-distance sea glass lovers who want to turn their found beach treasures into select signature Betty designs. 

Sahweeet! How does it work? 

In 3 easy steps:

  1. Contact us about getting custom jewelry made. We’ll happily walk you through the process from start to finish, beginning with an assessment of your own personal glass.
  2. Send or bring your sea glass to Betty HQ. You can also shop our selection of loose”secret stash sea glass” that we keep in stock for those seeking something extra special you won’t likely find elsewhere these days, as sea glass is becoming more and more rare on beaches and shores around the world.
  3.  We’ll consult with care, and confirm which Betty jewelry style(s) could work best for your glass. We’ll then create a dreamy sea glass jewelry design custom made just for you within 4-6 weeks!

CLICK THIS LINK & visit our service page for FULL DETAILS & get started!

Customizing your most-loved sea glass finds into precious pieces of jewelry you can wear & adore for many, many moons & beyond is an absolute favorite Betty fan experience. We LOVE hearing your sea glass stories, and are grateful to help turn special memories into keepsakes you’ll cherish.

Mahalo & happy custom creating babes! 

XO ~ Team Betty