You might recognize our April Betty from the super cute how-to style videos on the Betty TikTok. We love Anasemon for her creativity, and how she uses her sharp eye for detail to create stellar Betty looks.


Reflecting her own elegant vibe, our Sea Glass + Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings (above) are named after this one. What she says about the design, “I love them because they present a look of balance.” With her graceful nature, we couldn’t think of anyone better to celebrate this gorgeous month of growth, hope, and the coming of light.


We got the latest, here’s what she shared… 


“I’ve been really into self care lately. I never realized how important it is to make sure your body and mind are okay.  I’ve learned that my faith plays a large role in that. I’ve been spending more time outside in nature on the Ventura Foothills taking in the most lovely views, going on bike rides on the beach with my boyfriend, and praying.

I’ve started painting again, and I absolutely LOVE it! There’s so many ways I can express my creative side. I paint anything from nature, to abstract, to realistic human features. I’m currently painting with acrylic paint but would love to start using oil paints.

My goal for 2022 is to focus on self growth and growing my faith. I’m looking forward to my journey with Betty Belts.”

So glad we captured the essence of her happy place at one of our favorite local beaches here in Ventura. 

From your quirky sense of humor to your killer sense of style, we’re beyond blessed to have you on the Betty HQ Team! We adore you Anasemon! XO