Got a much-loved, non-metal Betty (i.e.braided/macramé design) that got busted, broken, or “worn to death”… it’s ok, it happens.

Good news is, we can likely remake it for you!*

Bring, or send it back to Betty HQ, and we’ll repair or remake it for 1/2 the retail price.

The usual turnaround time is 1-3 months, as we send it back to our Bali design studio for handcrafted TLC. If you just can’t wait that long, we get it… we’ll always honor you with a small recycling credit towards a new one– or, replace it if it’s within our 6-month quality guarantee (CLICK for info ).

This is your best option for a Betty treasure that has sentimental value, like if a special person gifted it to you, or if you got it on a special trip (to visit us!) … and want that exact one re-made to always remember your awesome time.

Keep rocking your Bettys every blessed day, Babes, we got ya covered!  

*shipping costs apply for services if sending items by mail