Betty Bright Friday Goes Blue (Minded)

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On the day after Thanksgiving… Friday goes from Black to Bright to Blue at Betty Belts

BRIGHT FRIDAY UPDATE! Through your support we raised over $1000 for the Blue Mind Fund this year, THANK YOU!!! With out you, this circle […]

Handmade with Love for Local Betty Moms

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She takes care of evvverything, she’s always giving, she’s your Mom & she deserves nothing but beautiful gifts made with genuine love.

That’s why this Mother’s Day Betty partnered with our small business sisters at Exvoto Chocolates & Nature Plus Pigment designs to gift a […]

How to Re-Betty Your Everyday Faves

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In the last couple of years we rolled out a slew of fun designs that have since become your favorite everyday Bettys wether you’re at school, work, the beach, out with besties, the beach, lounging at home, on a date, or, back at the beach.

Like […]

The Bettys of Bali: Designing a Beautiful Future

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David and Donna just returned from Bali, where they spent valuable time with our people there, designing, documenting, innovating and discussing the future. It looks beautiful!
We look forward to sharing a short film with you soon. Once […]
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