July brings us into the full swing of Summer. That means tons of fun in the sun! And no one is living their best life in nature’s playground like our Betty of the Month, Kristen Erica Mauricio. With her unique perspective, a BA from Notre Dame, MBA from Pepperdine & a wealth of marketing experience, she’s been one of our behind the scenes boss babes who is a good friend, mentor & advisor to our founder, Donna. From wild oceans to mountain peaks, dirt trails & brainstorm meetings, this beautiful, strong Betty is riding, climbing & overall shredding it in life.

We got some of her story as of late, here’s what she shared…

My most recent fave nature adventure was traveling to Sayulita in May this year to enjoy the hot sand beaches and an amazing boating adventure around the peninsula to surf El Anclote for some super fun waves… At home, I recently completed a 14+ mile trail run on Santa Cruz Island from Prisoners Harbor to Scorpion Ranch and it was such an incredible journey.TAP to scope out my good times on Santa Cruz Island πŸ‘†

“I’m really into riding my bike right now. The summer sun is finally breaking through and I am taking every opportunity to use my beach cruiser… Though my sweet pup Keiki loves to run alongside me, I rigged up a crate so I can take us more places than ever before! If you see us riding with crazed look on our faces, don’t be alarmed, we’re just mega stoked on summer time in Ventura!I cannot leave the house without my Adina Necklace double wrapped into a choker with a pearl charm on it.”

“The outdoors and sports really get me stoked! There’s nothing like fresh mountain air, glistening waters, beautiful greenery and cool rocks to get a big smile going… I call it “Getting jacked on nature!” Between surfing, rock climbing, trail running, skateboarding, swimming, snowboarding, backpacking and camping, I have to say, I just need a little more time for my hobbies!”

WE LOVE YOU KRISTEN! πŸ’•Β  Thanks for showing us the many ways to stay “jacked on nature” lol!Β 

πŸ‘‰ Follow her adventures @kittenerica