Hey Betty Babes, read on for deets on using your Betty Bucks you earned over the holidays. ⁠

Find out how to access your Betty Bank, get those rewards, and redeem them online or in-store for your Betty bonuses.

Not sure what Betty Bucks are? Read on to get the full scoop…

Betty Bucks 101

Maybe you’ve seen the little blue tab in our webshop that says “Betty Bucks”, but got too distracted shopping for sea glass goodies to click on it & learn what they are. It’s ok, it happens…. we know all too well sea glass has that “OUUU SHINY Effect” on people.

But what’s probably not ok, is the fact that you could be missing out on serious Betty savings just by shopping your pretty little heart out…which is what you were doing anyway!

So here’s the low down on Betty Bucks, what they are, how you get them & how to use them for bonus Betty bling!

What exactly IS the deal with Betty Bucks?

Betty Bucks is our sweet (& super easy) online shop rewards program*

You’ll automatically get 5% back in online-store credit on every purchase.* Build them up to use toward future shopping adventures. Spend this shopping credit towards your shopping cart at Bettybelts.com (some limitations & exclusions apply)* 

It’s our way of gifting back & saying thanks for choosing to shop small & for keeping the Betty ride going. We’re beyond grateful for the love & support. You’re the reason why our fun boat keeps afloat!

Sahweeet! How do I get them?

To earn these perks, you have to set up a Betty account online. It’s ultra easy, just click on that tab (the one we mentioned before, found at the right of your screen on the shop home page), follow the prompts & presto! Let the Betty Bucks fun begin.

Even better, these rewards never ever expire. In fact, you might have some Betty Bucks & not even know!… if you’ve created a customer account & shopped (after 10/20/17, which is when Betty Bucks began) you have some Bucks in the Betty Bank. So follow the easy steps, and find out. 

Awesome, sooo how do I use them?

You can always check your Betty Bank by signing in through the Betty Bucks link tab  & redeem your Betty Bucks at checkout with the discount code we’ll send via email in the amount of Bucks you want to spend.  You can [CLICK HERE] for your step-by-step Betty Bucks guide. Happy shopping Babes! 

XO ~ Team Betty


Betty Bucks update*

If you’re wondering if you can use the Betty Bucks you earned from shopping online at our brick & mortar Betty Shop, the answer is YES!

Just get in touch via text or call, and we’ll get the process started before you arrive at the shop.

We have to transfer them over from your online shopping account to your in-store account (and it’s a bit of process), so giving us a heads up will save you time before you arrive!

Your patience is seriously appreciated. We’re working out the kinks as we go during the challenges that have come with the extremely difficult time to be in business & serving our beloved customers. Thank you so very much in advance.

Mahalo & Happy shopping gorgeous!