March is charged full of magic, movement & the fresh exciting energy of Spring!  So naturally, our Betty of the month, Tristan @tristan_moorea_johnson matches that vibe to the fullest. We were pumped to see what she’s been up to. Here’s what she shared…

A [couple weeks] ago I came back from surfing the North Shore for the second time in my life… I put in all my time to figure out the spot I was focused on, Hale’iwa. Many times I got negative, “I’m not as good as a surfer as I thought.” But I continued to try, and I finally figured out how that wave works. I simply trusted and believed in myself and the pieces fell into place.”

What gets me stoked is when there’s a super good swell on its way, I feel static in the air. As if the whole world is in a flurry of excitement and anticipation. I [even] dream about it, and those dreams always come true!”

My goals for 2024 are to be outside more, make more friends, and great memories!”

WE LOVE YOU TRISTAN! 💕 We’re excited to celebrate you during Mermaid March! Keep making those dreams come true in & out of the water Babe!

👉 Follow Tristan’s adventures at @tristan_moorea_johnson



“My fave Betty design is the Marion Sea Glass Earrings, especially in Cobalt…Just so pretty”