With wildflowers beginning to pop open & dot the lush hillsides with color, April brings one of the most beautiful, lively & dynamic months here in Ventura. To honor that awesome vibe, our Betty of the Month is none other than our Ocean Lover Founder & Designer, Donna! If you’re close to her, you’d know she ‘s a sweet & humble soul who prefers to be behind the Betty scenes. But it’s finally her turn to  shine in the spotlight & we’re excited to share what the Betty Boss has been up to … 

Lately I have been surfing a bit more as the water cleans up in between storms. Been working nonstop also. Pretty much the usual…

“We have two staff rosters. One is here in Ventura. The other is on Bali. Right now both crews are possibly the highest caliber that we have had in our little company. I am proud of achieving that, and very proud of all them.
Then there is Team Betty, our surf team. Everyone on it isexcelling: winning contests, traveling, raising kids, attending college, running nonprofits that help kids, you name it. So inspiring. At the age of 56, I rarely surf in contests these days, but I recently had the pleasure of surfing in The Rincon Cleanwater Classic with Surf Bus Foundation Team, one of the orgs we love to support.

“I’m 1.5 years into training in Muay Thai, which really keeps me on my toes. It keeps me strong and alert…I recently finished reading the Bible cover to cover, Old & New Testament. It has been an amazing journey. I am so glad I did it! So much about life and the world has taken on a new meaning. It has also given my work a fresh and enhanced purpose. Through my faith in Jesus Christ, I’ve achieved a peace I never knew before, that I can see will grow, as the years pass. It is pretty remarkable to me watching this brand I started 21 years ago, be born anew, along with me!

WE LOVE YOU DONNA! 💕  You’re truly inspiring on so many levels. The Betty Family across our global village stays connected to the Ocean because of your dedicated hard-work and visionary designs. For that (and so much more), we’re forever stoked & infinitely thankful.


“I don’t have [specific] favorites but my go-tos are my Mother of Pearl Cross Charm on a Michelle Choker, layered with a Sea Glass Mini on Adrianna Pearl Cord.”(Donna pictured above rocking her necklace faves)