Hi my friends,

I just want to say thank you for all your support throughout the year. You have been wonderful to help me spread the aloha about my little company and what it stands for!

I realize I am very blessed to get to create an ethically made line of accessories that never fails to bring on the compliments, making people unique and beautiful. I get to make a living inspired by my love of surfing and the ocean!

One thing I have learned through all of this is to constantly embrace one’s creativity and independence. There IS NO “safe spot in the system”, so why not just do what you really love and make it happen. Don’t be fooled, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and you will be a slave to your endeavor. But it’s all YOURS and nobody else’s!

So get that job, but don’t let it be a means to an end, make it something that will give you the skills you need to fulfill your dream down the line. And when you are ready, whether it be at 16 or 36, you will know it and follow your dream. Better to do what you love and be happy than to work for nothing but financial security.

Happy Holidays and much bliss in the new year!

Peace, Love and Aloha from

Betty Belts
Betty B.