In January, David and I went to New York City. While David, who had never been there, was complaining about the prospect of putting a Hawaiian in NYC in the middle of January, Betty Belts was given a very unique opportunity to be a part of the “Store Of The Future” at the country’s largest trade show for the world of retail. The invitation came back in November from the visionary designer of the exhibit, Richard Russo. I asked him how he’d found Betty Belts. He’d done some research on the internet trying to find a sustainable and independent accessories brand that would offer something more tangible and earthy to sea of hi-tech in the exhibit, which had the theme “Green With Enthusiasm”. He told me he’s looked at a lot of candidates, but that we were the only ones who seemed like they meant it.

Here is an excerpt from an article about the X07 and a link below if you want to read the entire article.

X07 Store Of The Future

“Russo’s other message had to do with sustainability, another way to get the attention of this ecologically conscious group. So the entire X07 structure was built out of a substrate of recaptured wood. All the lighting was an energy-efficient LED on centrally controlled systems. Even the merchandise in the faux shops reflected environmental sensibilities: There was a new Toyota with a hybrid Synergy drive, outdoor gear from well-established environmentalist L.L. Bean and jewelry and accessories from Betty B., which employs 20 families in Bali to manufacture goods from shells and other organic materials.”