March 5, 2007
Cholo’s Women’s Pipeline Pro presented by Heavywater and JN Automotive Group
Sponsored by: Seductive, Mendo Mate, Us Army, Duke Foundation, Grind TV, Surf n Sea, Crank and Carve, Ben Aipa, Kimo Greene Surfboards, Weber Surfboards, Ratio Fins, Breakers, Silver Moon Emporium, Betty Belts, the North Shore Soap Factory and many other great sponsors….

The Cholo’s Women’s Pipeline Pro is set to start on the first day of the waiting period, March 6th, 2007 at Pipeline Hawaii. A perfect wnw swell was generated days ago and is arriving on the North Shore in the 4-6 foot range with possible sets. Conditions look pristine for the 8am start and good conditions should prevail throughout the day. Set to surf are touring WCT surfers Rochelle Ballard and Melanie Bartels along with Keala Kennelly who took off from an acting stint to make the contest at one of her favorite spots, The Banzai Pipeline. This wave has a high scoring potential and is noted for its left and right barreling ride!
Former World Champion Lynne Boyer will also be on hand to witness the historic contest. “It was very RARE in those good olden days to have surf footage and pictures of oneself. Not like today, at all! These girls get to see themselves all over the place, no wonder they can get so good!!!!!! I’m stoked to see just how HOT the women are FINALLY surfing these days. ” The competition will be like no other and the first at Pipeline to have substantial waves for the event in shortboarding. There are three disciplines scheduled, bodyboarding, longboarding and shortboarding. All are being mixed up per day in hopes of bringing the sports together for a great experience. Bodyboading events have been run at Pipeline for over 20 years and they will be charging the biggest waves that come in.
Pipeline is the famous surfing spot in the world to be tested by all. With the help of the local community and The O’Brien family this years gathering should go off without a hitch! will be hosting the live webcast. Daily updates will be on Surf News Network, 596-7873. Check for info.