All I really wanted was to move the Betty Belts headquarters downtown, out of the bland office park/warehouse environment we’ve been stuck in since I fell in love with David and followed my heart to Ventura two years ago. I wanted to move the office out of there and be in vibrant downtown Ventura, which is now coming back to life after a few sleepy decades. Closer to the beach. More culture. More creative.

I found something.
It’s perfect.
A pretty space in a historic building and you can see the ocean from there.

And it’s a retail space.

Which means…

The first Betty B. Store!

I am trying to create something as environmentally friendly as I can. The motto is always: Reduce, reuse, recycle and REinvent. Luckily the space is beautiful as it is and does not require any improvement or modification. I’m spending a lot time on craiglist and Freecycle and at garage sales looking for the perfect cute fixtures to have a creative way to hang up all my beautiful handmade accessories for you to enjoy.

So if you’re cruising up Main Street Ventura starting some time in July, look for this sign and come see the goods!