Giving, it’s the new getting at Sundance this year.

Sundance Film Festival started today and I am honored to have my company be a part of it.
No, we did not participate in one of those “gifting suites” where celebs go pick up free swag.
Betty Belts instead is a part if “The Giving Suite” .

Together with other eco-oriented businesses carefully chosen by event organizers Econscious Market and RE:VOLVE, Betty Belts will be displayed and sold at Sundance for a good cause. Celebrities can BUY the products in the Giving Suite and choose from several nonprofits to donate the proceeds to.
This will make for a lot of good press for conscious consumerism.

“For like Redford and his pals, the new green-eration is all about the independence—saying what you mean in your own way, free to do your best (or worst) to realize an artistic vision not beholden to backseat vulture capitalists. For, at the end of the day (and the Festival), the hype is fast-forgotten, and all that remains is the connections you’ve made, the inspiration you’ve taken in—and given back. It’s not about how much schwag we can grab—it’s about what we have to give.”
Waylon Lewis, Elephant Journal

Let me know if you see any Sundance press that includes Betty Belts!