“If the guy down the row at work buys a Mac Air, it counts.”

I couldn’t help but be amused when I read this in Seth Godin’s blog today. Not because of the desirability of the Macbook Air, but because the picture I get in my mind of a guy sitting in a cubicle in a long row of them is so foreign to my own world.

It makes me realize how truly blessed I am to work for myself. Betty Belts is my own small (and creative) five year old business. I’m blessed because I still get to close up shop and go surfing if the conditions beckon me. I work hard and work long, but decide for myself when I’m going to work on my website, my designs, my marketing, my sales, decorating my retail store, or (yes) crunching numbers…

Here’s a toast to independent small business! As we say in the COOP America Green Business Network: Small is beautiful.

Wouldn’t it be nice is there was a tipping point of growth in independent businesses in which our society finally stopped supporting some of those corporate giants like Walmart and co. that are hurting us more than helping us in the long run?

For what it’s worth…


Betty Belts / Betty B.