My boyfriend gleefully informed me this morning that he saw Gold Olympic Medalist Shawn Johnson wearing peace earrings just like a new design of mine in her interview with NBC. He says they were the EXACT same design, even insisting they are hammered silver just like ours. I know he just thinks they LOOK like my design and they can’t be exactly the same ones because we just got them into some of our retailers only a few weeks ago and they are not even on the website yet.

But they will be very soon!
And they are absolutely adorable, just like the fabulous Miss Johnson!

Find them on our website starting Sept. 1st.
If you need them now, email me through the contact page on the link above to find out which stores have them.

The earrings ($36) measure 1 cm (.39″) in diameter, a nice small size that still makes a statement.
The pendant ($24) measures 1.5 cm in diameter.
Both are made from nickel free 925 sterling silver.

More new designs will be coming soon too including sea glass jewelry and new belts made from stretch coconut wood and sustainable wood buckles with peace signs, waves or flowers. Stay tuned!

Betty Belts and Betty B.