Betty Belts is proud to be a sponsor of the Ventura Film Fest, which is coming in 2009.
This is a very exciting and very different kind of film fest being put together by some extremely talented and inspiring individuals.

Our little beach town is is fast becoming a culturally relevant destination. The Ventura Film Fest is a huge part of that transition.

I am happy to report that a steady flow of creative and inspiring newcomers from all over the world have walked into the Betty B. shop, one of the bonuses of now being open to the public with a brick and mortar store.

I don’t blame them for choosing Ventura. The weather is about as good as it gets most of the year, the surf is too. Housing prices are affordable and we are close to an international airport. There seems to be a lot of opportunity here for anyone who brings diversity and creativity in culinary, fashion, art and other related fields. IMHO.

Visit the Ventura Film Fest Website to see what it’s all about. They are now taking film submissions, so be sure to get in on this one, you filmmakers out there!

Ventura Film Festival Banner