At the Ventura Film Festival last week, my friend Tracy Lehr was bubbling with excitement about something she said she had for me. She dug in her purse for what seemed like an eternity, telling me how cool this find was.

She then found it and pulled out this perfectly teardrop shaped piece of yellow sea glass she scored on the beach by her house the other day. I call it the Canary Diamond of the Sea, as yellow is an extremely rare color for sea glass and it’s perfect shape, honed by the ocean, sand and rocks, is mind-boggling.

I’m blown away that she decided to give it to me. Tracy walks on the beach almost every day for sanity maintenance and her walks are the source for much of the sea glass I use to make my jewelry.

I am excited about my latest designs, which are now in my shop in Ventura. We started working with recycled silver and the results are fabulous. Come by and check them out!
Or find a selection on my website too!

Thank you, Tracy!

Canary Diamond of the Sea

Canary Diamond of the Sea