“Drip, drip, drip it apparently ends up with enough money on the table for people to sacrifice their ethics.”
From Seth Godin’s Blogpost today about telemarketers and some unethical tactics, I’ve always wondered how they can continue to exist.

But I doubt there will be much of a chance of survival in the age of transparency.

I’ve been talking about transparency for years now and am relieved to see it starting to become a reality with the way business is done. That has been Green America’s mission for 25 years, to change the way business is done in America.
My small business, Betty Belts, is a Green America member and more importantly, screened and approved business for social and environmental responsibility.

There’s been so much hype about GREEN, but what good is an organic cotton tote bag if it’s made in a sweat shop in China?
Or if you buy it in a big box retailer that cheated the small company that sold it to them with their “vendor compliance” chargebacks or even more common these days, simply hasn’t paid them?

I welcome transparency, I look forward to the day when big companies can’t stop news of their disreputable tactics from being spread because of the power of their money and lawyers.