Read Readers of The Betty Blog,

As you may know, I’m a finalist in the Intuit Small Business United Contest.
I submitted my story, it won among over 1900 entries as one of 50 finalists with the help of many of you who read my story and rated it as Inspiring Funny and Useful.
So for the next round, I had to create a video, which is now live.

This video expresses how one can turn a passion into a viable business.
I think this video really hits a nerve because the free-fall that I experienced when I left Berlin and struck out on my own once again is not unlike what many are experiencing today in our economic disaster era with the loss of stability connected to the loss of the status quo on so many levels.

This shift is a time of true opportunity.
One CAN create a business based on passion.
There’s nothing to lose, really, if you think about it…

Bonus: you will finally get to hear me sing. ; )

How to “vote”:
-click on link above and watch the video
-rate it as INSPIRING USEFUL and/or FUNNY (you get THREE votes, one each category)
-Create an Intuit Community ID and password (sorry! But it’s very brief)
-Leave a comment if compelled, but not necessary
-Spread it far and wide via your blogs, social networks and more

Thank you!

With love and gratitude,