Here’s the synopsis for the documentary we are shooting while in Bali shortly. This is going to be an amazing trip and I am thrilled to be able to share the making of my designs and the good energy that goes into them with the rest of the world. Stay tuned! Love, Donna

Mary Osborne floating over coral reef

Mary Osborne floating over coral reef

Organic Reprisal
By David Pu’u

We leave the troubled shores of the U.S. soon, for the exotic environs of Indonesia where Donna von Hoesslin’s creative muse lies, on the Isle of Bali.

The excursion will be a little different than Donna’s usual solo pilgrimage to her mecca of creativity and harmonic bliss. This time she brings along a group of young women whose names have become synonymous with her Ventura-based fashion accessories company, Betty Belts/Betty B.

The group will experience the process of design and symbiosis that occurs between U.S. and Balinese culture through the sustainable philosophy of Donna’s eco-based product line.

Taking an ensemble of beautiful, talented young athletes, and throwing them into the chaos, mayhem and exotic allure that is this ancient Hindu-based culture, will launch the crew on a voyage of discovery, designed to acquaint the uninitiated with what really goes on behind the scenes in developing the
humanitarian ethics of this unique company, whose product line is emblazoned with the names of an extensive collection of powerful and talented water women.

Film makers David Pu’u, Aaron Marcellino, and Jason Wolcott will take the viewer on a richly textured, exotic and visceral look at Balinese culture that examines the impact one woman’s personal vision can have on two very separate cultures.