Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn’t blow in the wind or change with the weather.” -John D. MacDonald

What does “Made with Dignity really mean?” you might wonder…

It means through our business practice we enrich and sustainably support our cherished relationships and environment on every level.

A deep love for the ocean, Earth, and humanity guides every decision made at Betty Belts. This simple intention, above all else, is the cornerstone of everything we do.

Soaking in the blessings of Bali's shores

Blessed by ocean beauty in Bali

Making choices this way generates positive energy in all of our team members, and an undercurrent of good vibes in every piece of product we offer to you, our dear customer. A true world-wide collaboration must happen in order to create our inspired and unique designs.

Made on the island of Bali and locally here in California, the work is done by those who are passionate about their artistry– they pour genuine love of the craft into each handmade piece.

In this post we’ll focus on our beloved Team Betty in Bali. Donna’s Balinese soul sister and business partner, Ketut, is the leader of our island Betty tribe.


Donna sharing laughs with Bali Bettys

She’s a woman of strong integral soul and mind-set. Blessing each day and each project with sweet prayer, incense, flowers, and other traditional offerings, Ketut infuses the “Made with Dignity” spirit into all aspects of work performed in our Bali studio headquarters.

An offering of gratitude

An offering of gratitude

Her practice of reverent gratitude for our growing global family working and thriving together across the expansive Pacific adds yet another deep layer of love into Betty Belts.

She employs mostly women, who otherwise may not have an opportunity to develop valuable skills in the trade of jewelry making. Through this treasured relationship, we have the opportunity to sustainably support the livelihood of local people in this village.

Honing in the craft

Honing in skills of craft

Made with Dignity not only means the creation of integral products, it’s a practice in sharing abundance where it’s most needed throughout a wider circle of connected communities.

The future of the village

The future of the village

Betty Belts gives to the East Bali Poverty Project (EBP)–an organization started to rebuild extremely remote villages destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1963. The suffering people of these devastated villages were neglected, forgotten, and faced near extinction when rediscovered more than three decades later.

As an active member (since 2007) of 1% for the Planet — a partner organization of the EBP — our contributions toward reviving the villages have helped restore sustainable function back to their community once again.

As always, thank you so much for reading. In future posts, we’ll discuss how we practice Made with Dignity on both a local and larger scale by partnering with fellow Ventura businesses and other cause organizations.

Until then, sending smiles, sunshine, and the Aloha spirit.

With so much love,

Donna & Team Betty