Made with Dignity Defined

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Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn’t blow in the wind or change with the weather.” -John D. MacDonald

What does “Made with Dignity really mean?” you might wonder…

It means through our business practice we enrich and sustainably support our cherished relationships and environment on […]

Thank you, America!

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Thank you, America, for choosing change!
For making history!
For making me no longer regret I didn’t get a German passport when I had the chance back when I lived in Berlin.
For giving the rest of the world a chance to like us again.
Perhaps even love […]

How the War Came Home

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This was passed on to me by our friend Drew Kampion editor of my very favorite magazine Surfers Path:

Check this out and spread it far and wide. Local Seattle-area blues-and-folk artist Jim Page was there. What happened at the Republican National Convention in […]

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