“The alternative is the quality ratchet:

Over-focus on quality.

Expectations go up.

Sales rise as a result of word of mouth and customer satisfaction.

More money is spent on quality.


Seth’s Blog today really nails it, what we’ve been building for the past 12 years.  How we endeavor to raise the bar at every opportunity. This is why I now see every fail as an opportunity to make it better.
Yes, there’s always going to be human error, a faulty component or just someone’s bad day creating hurdles in our day-to-day life here at Betty Belts, but the reality is we can always be grateful, find the compassion, and learn something from every “setback”. That is, learn something that helps us improve what we do. Making it even better.
The more joy we can bring into the world, the better.
My advice: exceed expectations and over-deliver, every chance you get!
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Build something beautiful out of something imperfect. Sea glass cairns show the way.


Compassion always helps.

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Like flowers, each of us has the potential to bring beauty into the world.


Teamwork brings in something good for all.


An oncoming storm can do damage, but also bring nourishment, cleansing and renewal.

Love is all around us. You just need to see it. A coconut heart.

Love is all around us. You just need to see it. A coconut heart.

“Mindfulness is a vital part of success.” – David Pu’u