“Black Friday is, of course, a con.””
We’re calling it BRIGHT FRIDAY here at Betty Belts – Ocean Inspired Accessories.
Instead of taking a hit no self-respecting small business should ever have to do, we have decided to turn the whole thing around and DONATE 20% off all gross sales to a very worthy cause we donate to annually (since 2009) East Bali Poverty Project.
If you’d like to help them out, please consider a donation to their crowdfunder  here.  You’ll make a difference in the lives of some children in a faraway place who can make a difference in the lives of many others.
We do Cause Days on a regular basis to give back to people and planet.
Thank you, Seth Godin, for today’s blog “Unconscious Consumption“, which really nails it for me.
Big thanks to Proctor Surfboards for the title!

Update the day after: Thanks to so many wonderful people who came in and shopped yesterday, we raised $455 which is going directly to East Bali Poverty Project! This is beautiful and makes me smile. Thank you, everyone!