When the momentum of a wave starts, there’s nothing that can stop its path. And like the unrelenting sea, the Betty Belts wave keeps rolling. Sharing this amazing ride with you is why we keep paddling, keep working, keep dreaming and creating.

It’s been 10 beautiful years here in the Betty shop… but there’s more– a bit more history you might not know about.

Since the beginning, we’ve been an open book for our Ocean Ohana to understand our purpose— to create beautiful beach treasures Made with Dignity. You may even know the many stories of how we’ve helped impact a positive change on our precious planet and people around the globe through our little brand.

What you might not know are just a few  key milestones we’ve hit along the way helping us to get to where we are today…

We’re so fortunate David has documented our journey, enjoy meeting the many faces of Betty in his awesome short film.

We’re eternally grateful to have arrived at this incredible moment. We can look back over a decade and see how many special connections are made in our space, what our designs mean in people’s lives, and how we all continue to grow together.

Without you– our beloved community– all this wondrous magic could not occur, and the miraculous growth of Betty Belts wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you endlessly from the depths of our hearts for embracing what we do, and making us a part of your world. Cheers to a decade of stoke, and to many more adventures to come!

With so much love and gratitude,

Donna, David & Team Betty Belts