It’s Back to School… but first, Cayden is Baja bound

As regularly as possible my friends and I love to head down the coast into Mexico to score maximal waves with minimal people. That’s usually our story.

It’s a long drive for us up in San Luis Obispo, but never fails to be completely worth the trip. Most times we find a place to stay in San Diego the night before crossing the border as early as possible the next day.

We scope the coast south of Tijuana for surf and on occasion will stop, but we know the waves are better and less crowded further south. We make the regular stop in Ensenada for fish, tacos and tequila. It’s always quite a scene walking through that town with people trying to sell any and everything to make whatever money they can off of you.

Our destination is almost always Shipwrecks. Right when we arrive we check the surf. It’s what everyone is most eager about. The break is a long rocky right-hand point break that I have even seen break from above the shipwreck, around it and in to the cove on big days. My most recent trip wasn’t exactly like that. We had great knee to chest high waves the first few days and then chest to head or overhead on the last two days of our most recent trip.


We have scored big days and small days, both put a smile to everyone’s face and that’s mostly because the crowd you’re surfing with is the crowd you invited, that’s it. Along with the incredible waves rolling in, you couldn’t ask for anything better.



Days usually start with a morning surf session, because in our eyes there’s no other way to start your morning on a surf trip. Sometimes the wind picks up a little mid-day and that gives us an excuse to go in, eat and enjoy the sun. But we’re back out in the afternoon!

Beach combing along the rocky point never seems to fail when it comes to searching for abalone shells. This is what my Baja surf trips consist of in a nutshell. Now you can see why I enjoy it so much!


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This wonderful place is like a second home for me. Maybe it’s more what I wish for as my first home, but either way I plan to always visit this beautiful place as much as possible for as long as I can.

Often times we get too comfortable surfing our home break. It’s important for yourself and your surfing ability to go out and find new places, new waves to surf.

‘Til next time,




Team Betty surfer babe Cayden Edman is a free-spirited mermaid who is wild and beautiful at heart. You can find her swimming (or surfing) in the seas around the world (in the cutest kinis!), studying fashion and fierceness at Cal State Long Beach or daydreaming about where wanderlust will take her soul next. Our Cayden sea glass ring and matching pendant are named after her! 

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