Inside the seemingly drab shell of an abalone lies hidden beauty like nothing else in the sea. A notorious ocean prize, abalone shell is treasured for its secret watery world within– and the reason why our own Betty shop babe, Evanne, loves it so much. So much in fact, we named this mystical design after her.

Captivate with an Evanne Ring


“I’m really drawn to the abalone because of the cool flow of colors. I love that each shell is unique. It brings a lot of meaning to me that something so dull and rough on the outside can also be really beautiful [on the inside],” says Evanne.

Each gorgeous Evanne design is made from Genuine New Zealnd Paua abalone shell shaped into a water-drop. Surrounded by a sterling silver nautilus rope, petal-like dots, and oxidized setting– we’ve designed a perfect frame around an iridescent masterpiece only nature can create.

These pure sterling layers are master-crafted by hand (never casted), and the traditional Balinese “dot technique” has been used by highly-skilled Balinese silversmiths for centuries.


Double the magic with an Evanne Cuff Bracelet

Wear one of the ocean’s best kept secrets with this Betty B. favorite design.


A perfect wearable water drop, Evanne Pendant

As are all Betty B creations, the Evanne is Made with Dignity. Our fair-practice design studio sustainably supports the livelihood of our Balinese team of workers and the local community. We feel blessed to be able to connect the talented individuals who skillfully produce our signature jewelry to you, our cherished Ocean Ohana.