Bettys are a tribe of travelers, and we’re hitting the pop-up shop road with one of our favorite sea loving sisters, Sea Gypsy.  Follow our joint adventure through the upcoming sunny seasons, and you’ll find Betty favorites nestled in with their sweet collection of signs, blankets, artwork, and other ocean necessities for fabulous mermaid life on land.

When she’s not at these special events below, you’ll find her at Melrose Trading Post on Sundays. Follow the Sea Gypsy Instagram & stay up to date on where Sista is settin’ up… happy Summer shopping trails!

Next stop, the OC Night Market June 15th-17th, 2018

…Then onto Treasure Fest June 23& 24, 2018 in San Fransisco

..Rambling next to the 626 Night Market: JUN 29-JUL 1 | JUL 20-22 | AUG 10-12 | AUG 31-SEP 2

Betty B. + Sea Gypsy = SBB (small biz besties)

Visit our sweet little shop in Ventura, and you’ll find our walls decked out with Sea Gypsy signs touting words and mantras to live by if you’re beach life and/or sea glass obsessed.

We looove Sea Gypsy because they’ve been speaking to the souls of our Betty Babes for years. We’ve become such small business besties, that they’ve made exclusive signs you can’t get anywhere else other than the Betty home base in Ventura. One Betty favorite is the Sea Glass Sisterhood below that originated as a popular hashtag on the Bettybelts Instagram .

Some Sea Gypsy signs you’ll find on her pop-up shops on her happy Summer trails