Strong of spirit, resilient & a true warrior in the world of local women’s surf in Ventura– meet Betty Team Rider, Michelle Watkins “Wolfe”

We asked her why she loves the ocean. This is what she shared & why we love her…

I love the ocean because it brings me calmness, happiness, and keeps me healthy. It connects us all as one, and strengthens the bond of humanity. I could not live without being on or near the ocean.

You may already know of Michelle, as she’s one of the inspired souls we heard about when the Thomas Wildfires devastated our hometown last year & for whom we created the Betty Strong Benefit Tee.

Michelle is a Ventura surfer who hustles hard owning her own small business cleaning pools & spas. She, her man & their 11-year old son lost everything in the fire– including her home, vehicle & cleaning supplies needed to work to support her family.

Despite the wreckage & hard road to recovery after the fire, she returns to the sea to soothe her soul. She is Betty Strong. 

Learn more about Michelle’s story.