Nothing adds equal parts charm & edge to your beachy boho vibe like a Betty ear cuff. Don’t have pierced ears? Ear cuffs are your super fun to wear answer. This collection of hot Bettys will set your style apart from the pack, so here’s an easy how-to-wear guide so you’ll never lose these little sea-inspired gems:

Step one: Adjust the opening of cuff just enough to slide onto the slimmest edge of your ear, about upper-mid ear.

Step 2: Slide downward and forward to desired placement (see photos). Then pinch gently to tighten enough to secure the cuff in place.

Step 3: Try to slide up to test if it is tight enough. Ear cuff should not move freely or feel loose. Be mindful when getting in and out of turtlenecks, front-zip wetsuits, etc. just ensure it’s still on snugly after getting your head through.

The Betty Cleo ear cuff comes in a rainbow of colors…

Cleo in Turquoise

Cleon in Lime

Cleo in Cornflower

Can’t choose just one?… don’t, pick a color for each ear.

Cleo in White

Cleo in Cobalt

*Note from the designer: Keep in mind everyone’s ears are shaped differently, even each side can be different (try both!). Some people may need to pinch tighter than others to keep ear cuffs from coming off as noted above.

Now, wear your hair up and rock it like the stylish Betty girl boss that you are. Happy head turning!


Donna & the Betty Babes