Choosing bridesmaids isn’t always easy. Especially for the Bride who plays in the waves every chance she gets, often falls asleep with sand glittering on her toes, and doesn’t ever style her hair to look “beachy” because that’s just the way it always looks from actually going to the beach.

It’s not easy for Beach Brides because she needs more than bridesmaids, she needs mermaids!

Her babes in the buddy system out in the water, who beach-combed & sea glass hunted all day with her, and sat in sets until sunset together. No, these sea sisters don’t come easy.

You’ve had epic adventures in the wild, and now they’ll be there for you on your big day. There’s no better way to thank each of your girls for the good times than with Betty Mermaid Tears. True one-of-a-kind treasures, just like each of them.

All-time Beach Bride color fave in Sea Foam

This classic Betty charm is precious enough for your wedding party, and easy enough to wear everyday– so your girls will have it to cherish long after you say “I do”.

Here’s the sweetest part, any Bride gifting their maids some Betty bling gets 20% off of her bridal order.

Mermaid Tear + Pearl Charm perfection

To get the deal, you must order six or more of the same design (don’t forget about your own charm, and perhaps one for Mom & future Mom-in-law too!)…  The same discount will apply to any amount ordered over the six item minimum. 

There’s so many more ocean-inspired Betty jewels to perfectly match your beautiful beach themed wedding, and the gorgeous mermaids that’ll light up the isle before your big moment.

Check out more deets on the Betty Wedding Party Gift page.