Betty Bright Friday Goes Blue (Minded)

On the day after Thanksgiving… Friday goes from Black to Bright to Blue at Betty Belts

BRIGHT FRIDAY UPDATE! Through your support we raised over $1000 for the Blue Mind Fund this year, THANK YOU!!! With out you, this circle of love we’re sharing to help protect our Ocean, and her stewards doing the work to do just that isn’t possible. With all of our heart, infinite thanks.

If you’re not sure what the Bright Friday buzz is all about, read on in the post below to learn more…

Our annual tradition of giving more through gifting your loved ones with Betty Belts is happening Friday, November 29th! (online until midnight PST)

If you’ve never heard of Betty Bright Friday, it’s our alternative to joining the frantic Black Friday masses in a rush to claw through rock-bottom racks of corporate mega stores.

Instead, we choose to raise the bar on the “first holiday shopping day” by creating a Cause Day for a more conscious customer choice

On Betty Cause Days, we donate directly from our gross sales (online and in-store) to an organization doing soulful, purpose-driven work that helps humanity and our planet towards better health and sustainability 

By choosing treasured BB gifts from the sea that speak to the people you love, you can expand the reach of your kindness and generosity during the giving season. 

20% from Bright Friday sales 2019 will be directly donated to the
Blue Mind Patreon Fund

The Blue Mind Patreon (BMP) is a vital resource to fund research into “the remarkable effects of water in all of its shapes and forms on our health and well-being.”

Amongst this revolutionary body of work is, Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected and Better at What You do, a landmark book by marine biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols.

Betty Belts is contributing to help advance and continue the work of Dr. Nichols, aka, our dear and deeply respected friend “J”.  All proceeds from Blue Mind book purchases both in-store and online will go entirely towards the BMP Fund (i.e. no profit will be taken or made from book sales). 

Through Betty gifting, you’ll support this important work, and honor our shared life essence  —Water— the life giving element that only we on Planet Earth can enjoy for both pure pleasure and essential survival. It’s the allure and necessity of water that keeps our Betty community connected from shore to distant shore.

This Bright Friday is about effecting and facilitating accurate global change via Blue Mind and J.

You can do that directly, by becoming a Patron and not buy anything. One might never guess, but “micro donors” matter. A LOT. Even a one dollar a month commitment helps Blue Mind do the work! Check that out right here:

Please help spread the word by sharing this. Thank you for all that you do in support of the Big Blue and our Company.


With Deep Gratitude,

Donna, David, “J” and the Betty Belts Family

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