The tail end of Mermaid March brings an urgent mission upon the Betty Family.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is causing unfathomable uncertainty and full-blown fear for the safety and livelihood of humanity across the globe.

Everyone is experiencing very serious challenges– from isolation due to mandated social distancing, to feelings of anxiety and panic, and of course, intense stress from an unknown financial future due to loss of work, business, and quality education.

This all hits our Ocean Ohana home hard. Our small Betty biz is barely holding up through this hardship, but staying afloat from the truly amazing swell of online orders, and help of our beloved, loyal customers. We love you, we thank you. We’re forever grateful.

But for other independent biz owners and artists, the devastation is beyond a back-up plan… Our mersister Hannah Mermaid Fraser is facing this extremely rough reality.

She’s the siren you may have seen enchanting the walls in the Ocean Room Gallery at Betty HQ.

Through the support of our Betty Family, we’re doing what we can to… 


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In these isolating times, FEELING MORE CONNECTED is needed now… let’s let Aloha lead the way ? Mahalo…

She’s in dire need through these dark waters. This is her story:

I’ve been reflecting on the quote “If you resist change, you resist life itself”…

How much can change in a week! 
I went from living in Los Angeles where my main focus was creating art and planning for the next travel adventure with large community involvement… 
And one week later I find myself on a rural property hours away, isolated with a few people, concerned for my health and my future… where my main task has been digging an insane amount of soil to create garden beds to supply food in an uncertain time. 
As someone who endeavors to create deeper connection, bringing people together, and thriving on group dynamics, this shift to ’social distancing’ is hard on my heart. 
There has been no time for my art. There is no option to travel at the moment. Everything feels unstable.
EVERY. SINGLE. JOB I had has been cancelled. I have no leads on creating income right now.
Money is tied up in non-refundable airline tickets, venue bookings and retreat set-up costs.
I have taken on caring for 6 friends who have also lost their jobs for the foreseeable future. I have counseled friends through breakups, breakdowns and breakthroughs all in the last week.
 I have covered expensive rent on a house that I’m not currently living in, to do the right thing by my landlady, who would not even allow me to use a small portion of my exorbitantly large security deposit to cover one month’s rent during a worldwide pandemic.
My vision for this time is to bring forth the project that has been gnawing away at my consciousness since my father passed away. He had been supporting me to create a documentary of the incredible behind-the-scenes stories of my underwater adventures with ocean animals, and with his death, I sadly lost that forward momentum. I have so much footage and experience to share with the world. However I have not had the time, the funds, nor the full skill-set to bring this project to fruition. 
But even in this time of extreme financial stress, deep uncertainty, and no paid work in sight, I find TRUST. 
So, I am embracing change, I am open to the flow, I am willing to dance in the waters of this emotional upheaval.
I have learned much in my time in the underwater world. 
I’ve learned that the fear of something scary is worse than the actual experience. 
I’ve learned that no matter how intense it gets, there’s a place inside myself that is beyond all of the chaos. 
I’ve learned that when I need to take action, I can trust my intuition. 
I’ve learned that adversity has made me a better, stronger person. 
We are being asked to face that which scares us.
We are being asked to look at our core values and how we interact with the systems we have built.
We are being asked to embrace radical self-reliance.
We are finding out how we respond to challenge.
Will you be the hero of your own life story? Will you be STRONG?
The true ART of this time is to connect deeper with your HEART. 
The canvas is there upon our beautiful Mother Earth waiting for us to grow new life in her fertile soil!
I see now that my Father left me the greatest legacy with this land I now tread on, and so now I am planting seeds for the future, researching composting techniques, and studying life saving strategies!
The magic is felt when you free yourself from the fear.
Humans are faced with an opportunity to evolve into a more awakened state of being. 
Our sovereignty will be found through the embodiment of the knowledge we have learned.
Find strength in a conviction that we are all one organism, going through a deep cleanse that is pushing us to make necessary changes in our behavior to benefit the planet as a whole.
Joy is accessible when we realize this process is the birthing pain of a new way of HUMANS BEING in harmony with EARTH.
We are called to make better choices.
We WILL alchemize this,
You and I 
and all of humanity…
Bringing our darkness into light,
Becoming a force of connected energy.
We will become the cure
No longer a virus.
~Servant of the Sea ~ Hannah Mermaid