With a smile that lights up a room, sweet songbird voice, smooth moves on a longboard, and major aloha vibes– this babe is blooming with Spring & we can’t be more thankful this beauty is part of our Ocean Ohana.⁠

We had a fun chat to get the latest on her days, this is what she shared… 

“Being so busy with college, work, and studying, any free surf opportunity is always an adventure. I am eternally grateful for the ocean. She moves so gracefully and provides much stoke for everyone. I am really into song writing at the moment. Music is a great way to express yourself! 

My goals for 2020 are to spread more kindness and love. What gets me stoked is being out in nature. There is so much to love and appreciate outdoors. Our world is truly a piece of art.”

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Annalie’s Betty Style

Named after our April Betty, this little sea glass pretty is super unique with a double twist band design that stacks easy on itself or other Betty faves to level up your ring game. What Annalie says, “I love how dainty & stackable it is, so sweet and fun!” …just like you darlin’!