Been wondering about the Betty gold collection?

We know there’s a lot of poor quality gold jewelry out there and have worked very hard on perfecting ours to the best it can be with pure metals for a reasonable price.

Our gold vermeil designs are made with a thick gold coating over solid .925 sterling silver. These precious pieces will stay shiny & gold for many moons!

Our 24K gold layer is thick enough to far outlast the gold plated jewelry out there, but we still recommend avoiding any ABRASION to keep it from fading, i.e. playing in the sand, kettlebells, gardening, beachcombing, etc. RINGS tend to take the heaviest beating in life, so that’s where you’ll want to be more careful.

Over time, the gold will fade and you’ll see the solid sterling base.. we’ve got some great options for when that happens or you can keep going and have a silver ring to wear!

We’ve been making our gold vermeil Jewelry for 3.5 years now and seen how well it performs but we know that some of you may be ready for a re-dip or recycle by now!

Though we do admit, they won’t stay gold forever, especially for 24/7 wearers. But when the time comes, you’ll have two fantastic ways to keep that golden Betty in your collection…

1. Simply take or send your piece back to us at Betty HQ for a partial recycling credit towards a brand new one!


2. If you prefer, we offer a re-dipping service for a fee. This is an especially sweet option for any sentimental sea glass Bettys in gold vermeil. Here’s a link to how it works.

Our quality gold vermeil pieces are a great choice for people prone to allergies to metals, or anyone who is tired of cheap quality– as most plated jewelry on the market is made with a very thin coat of low karat gold over any base metal (hello green fingers & itchy skin!).

Betty gold vermeil jewelry gives you quality metals that’ll shine inside & out  

Top tips to keep gold vermeil gleaming

  • Avoid ABRASION
  • Proper storage is necessary to keep gold vermeil looking shiny and bright– as it unfortunately can’t be cleaned or polished. Doing this would scratch or compromise the golden finish.
  • When not wearing your jewelry, store your special pieces in a place not exposed to open air– either a jewelry box or dedicated drawer are great.
  • Although not the most glamorous, plastic bags with an airtight zip seal are the best thing to use. We’ve also discovered this is a great way to keep your jewelry organized and safe while traveling. Come by the shop, and we’ll give you as many as you need, plus a new sticker to add to your collection!
  • Get a super cute Betty Jewelry Box that has nifty features for our Bettys on the go, or to just keep your jewels safe and organized.

Have more care questions? Give us a buzz or text at 805.648.6997 or, shoot us an email, and we’ll be thrilled to help.