So you didn’t know we recycle Bettys into brand new sparkling jewelry? Not your fault. It’s a special service we’ve been doing at the shop since 2017 to extend the life of our precious materials & ocean treasures like sterling silver, sea glass & gemstones.

Here’s a refresher on our Betty Recycling Program in case you’ve got some Bettys out of rotation because they’ve seen better days after playing in the sun, sand & surf.

We’ve heard you say things like…

“I seriously never take off my ring”

“I wear this literally, every day”

“It goes with everything, I’m obsessed”

It is music to our ears to hear how much you love your Betty jewelry, but the sad side is, that’s the kind of wear and tear that could end up in a broken anklet, busted chain, thrashed tread, etc.

Here’s some good news, We LOVE to recycle & let these little ocean-inspired treasures live on through our Recycling Credit Program.

It’s just the Betty way we do things to encourage a no-waste life, and always has been since 2003.


Say the quality GUARANTEE lapsed on your worn out friendship bracelet, or, you accidentally stepped on your ring, we offer recycling shopping credit toward a new purchase when you return any of our designs made primarily with SOLID STERLING, GOLD VERMEIL, SEA GLASS, SURF RESIN, PEARLS and/or GEMSTONES to our shop. 

Not local to Ventura? Ship items to our headquarters:

Betty Belts Recycling, 12 North Fir Street, Ventura, CA 93001.

Please be sure to include the following information in your package: Your name, a note on the front of the envelope reading “BETTY RECYCLING CREDIT”, and a valid email address.

Once the item is received, you’ll be sent a code via email to redeem your credit on our website. Credits are issued as follows:

  • Orig. price up to $30 gets $5 credit value
  • Orig. price $31 – $50 gets $7 credit value
  • Orig. price $51 – $100 gets $12 credit value
  • Orig. price $101+ gets $20-$25 credit value
  • Anything above $150 value will be assessed on case by case basis

Still not sure if you can recycle your Betty? Just contact us with a detailed description of your concern with photos if possible. We’re happy to answer you questions about a particular product.

We now offer recycling or re-plating of our Gold Vermeil jewelry as well!

Recycling credits for GV apply as above. If you have a piece to re-plate, contact us and we will get the process going!

Re-plating pricing is as follows (shipping costs not included):

  • Small Sea Glass Rings $35
  • Small Charms $25-35
  • Stud Earrings $35-50