A day before June we honor great heroes. But Betty is keeping that heartfelt, honorary vibe going all month long. Celebrating an amazing everyday hero in our local community, Kim Murphy, is our great honor. She’s an incredible Ocean Lover soul that beams with so much light, and aloha style! —  and is the dog Mama to our dearly missed Team Betty Surf Dog, R.I.P. Haole.

We were super stoked to catch up with Kim, share her inspiring story, and get the latest…

“I fell in love with BettyBelts for the beautiful sea glass jewelry. I become obsessed! And then it happened….I was asked if Haole would be a part of Team Betty Surf. I felt like it was the biggest honor, not only was he a dog, but he was my BOY!

My heart exploded, and once again I felt the immense sense of community. I’ve always respected Donna, her commitment to giving back, and supporting those around her. This is exactly how I want to live my life, and it was how Haole lived his.

“My most favorite surf moment isn’t one of my surf days. It’s literally every wave I witnessed my boy Haole catch and all the smiles around us.

My goal in 2021 is to simply get back to the things I love. Volunteering with A Walk On Water, community events and hugging friends! Super stoked that we have added a new pup (Pancho) to our family, and cannot wait to watch him grow with our 6yr old Lab, Primo.”

Kim, our Betty Tribe will always cherish those epic moments & memories with you & Haole deep in our hearts. Your work with A Walk on Water is such a gift to our community, as are you to our Ocean Ohana. We absolutely love you! 

Follow Kim & Haole’s adventures at @haoleboysurfs & @bettybelts