You know it wasn’t easy, but you made it and we are SO proud of you.

We have been honored and STOKED to make sea glass class rings for everyone who ordered them. We love the idea of making them a ring they’ll wear and enjoy all the time. And that it reminds them of the Ocean!

Missed out on a Betty Sea glass class ring?  It’s not too late you can pre-order any time of the year. Turn around time is 4-8 weeks, but so worth the wait to have this stunning Betty beauty.

Not graduating? Did you know you can customize your letters and/or numbers for any occasion? Remember that you can order this customizable ring online anytime! This is a fave pick for not just graduations, but for anniversaries, birth years, or any other special moment.

Want to come to the Betty Shop & create a piece from our “secret stash” of sea glass? Come on by! We’d LOVE  to help you in-store to create your own custom Betty remembrance ring. See you at the happiest sea glass place on Earth!