June’s Betty is one of our young Team Betty Surfers, Rebecca J.  You may recognize her from modeling the Betty designs along with her own swimwear designs. She’s just 17, but is has achieved so much already! More on that below… 

Lately I have been surfing a lot, swimming, and guarding the beaches in Santa Barbara as a City Lifeguard! I love being in any form of water I can find. A pool, ocean, river, or lake all make me so happy to be immersed in, and instantaneously makes me feel happy, although the ocean is my favorite place to be. I am an Ocean Lover at heart just like Betty Belts. I’m always on the search for treasure finds on beach walks to turn into new creations.” 

“When I’m not pretending to be a mermaid I am creating bikinis with my twin sister Sophia. We have our own bathing suit business ‘Elua Swimwear where we make custom made swimwear tailored to you! Made one at a time, for one of a kind. We started this business when we were 15 years old in 2020, and have been enjoying the entrepreneurial experience. I sew every bikini by hand! “

“In the future I hope to expand my business, and introduce more sustainable measures into it. This coming year I also hope to compete in more surf contests and progress with my surfing!”

“My favorite Betty Designs are the “Rebecca” cuff and the “Evanne” ring! They both pair so beautifully together with the ocean’s natural treasure abalone embedded into each design! They have been a longtime staple in my Betty style and will be for many more years.”

We can’t wait to see what you’ll do in your glittering future, Rebbecca. So stoked to have such a talented & beautiful soul like you on the Betty Surf Team! We adore you! XO

Follow Malia’s adventures at @rebecca.jamochian