Hi Friends,
I’m happy to share my new designs with you!

The “Zuri” Coconut and Sono wood stretch belt is almost 100% sustainable. Choose from PEACE, WAVE or FLOWER buckle. They stretch, so you can wear it on your hips or waist, depending on your mood and outfit.
It’s named after fabulous singer/songwriter Zuri Star, this belt is a great way to rock sustainability!

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This is one of my California Sea Glass pendants, which are made from sea (beach) glass we find on the beach here around Ventura. There are three styles to choose from, the others are more elaborate than this one. No two are alike, we use the glass pieces in the shape we find them in, the way mother ocean sanded and shaped them in the shoreline. Colors vary, including shades of grey, blue, brown and green.
California Sea Glass Necklace

This peace sign is my personal favorite! The hammered silver gives it a more unique and earthy style and the finished Greek leather is the best quality we can get. The size is small, so it can be worn with anything, anywhere!
Hammered Peace Necklace

I have more new designs, which I will be adding over the next month, so keep checking www.Bettybelts.com for updates!

Smiles from California!