“With a passion for sustainability and the surf community, she’s parlayed her interests into a profitable and sound business venture. In a veritable ocean of mass-produced, machine made accessories, these pieces stand out for their simplicity, timeless design and carefully constructed elegance.”

The Green Crier, an intelligently written online magazine for those in the know of all things green and progressive, has done a rave review on the Betty Belts and Betty B. Collection. Thank you, Green Crier!

Gaia Belt on Tiare

Surfer Donna von Hoesslin has managed to combine her love of the ocean and passion for the environment into a viable business model. In 2003, she founded Betty Belts and Betty B Accessories, two lines of ethically produced, fair trade, ocean inspired products that utilize sustainable and recycled materials. The company supports Balinese artisans and young women stateside, not to mention contributing overwhelmingly to the local community.

Whenever possible, they use sustainable, reused, recycled and organic materials while keeping waste to a bare minimum. The California Sea Glass necklaces are made from found sea glass on our beaches in California and recycled sterling silver. Constructed from sustainably harvested woods, the Zuri belt’s beads are coconut and the buckle is sono wood. The Tongaroa Tiki is hand carved from driftwood found on the beach in California and organic hemp cord.

The jewelry and belts are whimsical, hip, earthy and playful… (read rest here)